For 20 years. Resourceful. Listeners. Optimists. Experts.

“The Perfect Synergy” is not only found in our furniture but even more so in our approach to work. We are resourceful. We listen. We are optimists. And we are experts. While working together with you, we always strive for the best possible result, which is more than just the creation of a sum of parts.


Our daily routine involves working with project managers, facility managers and various contractors regarding installation and planning. When faced with complexities, we see possibilities not obstacles. That opens doors and makes our work even more enjoyable.


To us, our work is not just any job. We have chosen it willingly and gladly and in all modesty, we are good at what we do. We want to learn everything there is to know, to improve our expertise and to be at the forefront. We always keep our promises and you can rely on our after-sales service too!


CREON in Belgium
For new projects as well as advice, support and after-sales service,
Stefan Poth is our expert in Belgium for advice
relating to your 24/7 workplace.

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CREON & Corporate Social Responsibility



When all is said and done, quality is what really makes the difference. Poor quality benefits no-one. CREON has a documented quality management system, implemented in compliance with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015.
This quality management system is assessed annually and is certified by TUV-Nord. 



CREON and any personnel working in assembly, transportation and installation on location are VCA certified. VCA is the Dutch equivalent of the Safety Certificate for Contractors which incorporates the Safety, Health and Environment checklist. This relates to health and safety of workers in the workplace. It also ensures that workers cause as little damage as possible to the environment during their work..   


Corporate Social Responsibility

CREON views Corporate Social Responsibility as an important part of its business operations. The company strives to achieve the right balance between creating honest profits, the effects of our business on the environment, interaction with employees, suppliers, clients and our surroundings.

Watch CREON on RTL7 TV, a business programme “Ondernemend Nederland”

Our history

CREON was established in 1998. Before then, we were a product development firm involved in an extensive range of applications. Back in the early 90s, we started with the installation of furniture for security lodges and dispatch centres. Over time we became more and more involved in this field of work, so a decision was made to start up a company to provide this specialized service. That was the start of CREON.

Designing new products is in our blood. We regard the 24/7 workstation as being the dream of every product designer; all aspects of product development are equally important: ergonomics, technology, functioning and aesthetics.

Today, CREON is well-established with its own design, assembly and customer service departments. We are always involved in developing new products. Over a 20 year period, we have already provided more than 2000 professionals with workstations which are ergonomically responsible and which look good too. This number is still growing steadily.


For companies whose core activities are safety, control, and continuity, it is important that nothing goes wrong. Personnel must be able to focus consistently on their duties without interruption. They must have complete trust in technology, equipment and accessories, including their workstation.
Workspaces for personnel working in a 24/7 control situation must comply with the highest level of requirements relating to ergonomics and construction. We believe that professionals function at their best when their workplace has been well thought out and suits their needs perfectly. The working environment should nurture qualities not cause restriction.

We believe in the power of innovation – always doing things better and smarter. That is our aim – using the key elements of ergonomics, technology, fit for purpose function and aesthetics. When all is said and done, quality is what really makes the difference. Poor quality benefits no-one, certainly not CREON.

We believe that beautiful is better. A person can be inspired when working with a beautiful object. We enjoy creating “a thing of beauty” and knowing that it gives joy to our customers every day.