• Behind the scenes
  • 01-07-2022

Challenging projects and freedom

Let us take you to the world of CREON. How do we ensure that we can realise the greatest solutions time after time, with our enthousiastic team? Our product designer Bram Beugels explains what energises him in his work. “Challenging projects, freedom to set up and run projects independently.” Bram grew from junior product designer – with responsibilities for smaller projects – to product designer. Now, among other things, he is involved in developing a new product line for CREON.


Share your thoughts

Three years ago, Bram saw CREON’s vacancy for a junior product designer passing by on his LinkedIn. It said: ‘Giving your opinion too often‘. This sentence really appealed to Bram. Not only is he the yougest employee at CREON, but he is probably also most enthusiastic. He likes to share his opinions and insights with his colleagues. “Of course, your opinion has to be substantiated. But then it really gets picked up.”

Bram has taken care of several challenging projects for CREON in recent years. He has been able to express his creativity in designing new valuable products and developing new technologies. Bram really enjoys thinking out of the box and striving for innovative ideas. “My curiosity about technology drove me towards workflow optimisation, visualisations and prototyping in Virtual Reality”, says Bram.

For the past year and a half, Bram has been responsible for the design and development of a new product group that focuses on internationalisation. The smart design makes the product easy to ship and assemble, which makes it very suitable for export.

It said: 'Giving your opinion too often'.
Bram Beugels
Product designer

Flying to Curaçao

Last year, Bram took a plane to Curaçao. Two workstations were installed there at the naval base, where he had to supervise the installation on behalf of CREON. “It was very cool to see that the marines were so happy with their new ‘toys’. They immediately started working standing up at their new workstations”, Bram recalls this as of his finest moment at CREON. Such unique excursions combined with a great club of committed people make CREON a wonderful company to work for.