Seated-standing workstation for back office activities

The LIGHT workstation was specially developed for back office staff. These workstations are also part of the 24/7 environment, but require fewer monitors and accompanying technology. That is what makes this workstation ‘light’, but definitely not lower quality. Just perfect for the back office.

LIGHT workstation quality

LIGHT: CREON quality and appearance

The LIGHT workstation is just as high quality as you are accustomed to from us. This workstation offers support and administrative staff a high-quality workstation that corresponds to the workstations in the dispatch room. Naturally you can work either seated or standing and this workstation is suitable for 24/7 use. If so desired, the LIGHT workstation can be equipped with a monitor mounting system.

LIGHT workstation various setups

Various versions

The LIGHT workstation is available in various dimensions and versions. Attune the dimensions to the available space or the number of monitors you want to have on the workstation. The standard width of this workstation is 83 centimetres, but it is also available in 180, 200 and 220 cm. Suitable for one, two or three monitors, respectively. Do you need induction chargers, keyboards, soundbars or data connectors built into the work surface? No problem. This workstation can be expanded with a variety of accessories.

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5-year guarantee

We love to ensure you get the best quality. This is why we provide a 5-year guarantee on all workstations.

Especially for support activities

This gives everyone a workstation with CREON’s quality and appearance.

Integrated cables

No loose cables here. This workstation has an enclosed cable tray.

Various versions available

Attune the dimension to the available space or the number of monitors.

Suitable for 24/7 use

Robust, durable and comfortable. Everything you need from a 24/7 workstation.

Seated-standing workstation

Alternate between working seated or standing.

LIGHT workstation front
Seated/standing workstation
Ergonomic workstation for administrative or support activities
LIGHT workstation technical cabinet
Compact technical cabinet
Easily accessible from the front with sufficient power outlets

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