In all its simplicity a very durable, 24/7, sit-to-stand workstation

The BASIC workstation has everything a professional dispatch or control table needs. It is stable and durable in all its simplicity. It’s simple, not unsound. Because this workstation also meets our high standards. Expect excellent quality, a workstation you can layout yourself and that is equipped with everything you need.

basic workstation one monitor rail

This is the BASIC

Our BASIC workstation has all modern conveniences. First off, the workstation has a very stable frame which means you can also install a double monitor row. Furthermore, the monitors’ individual height above the work surface can be adjusted. This can be achieved manually or electrically. There is also sufficient room for technology and cables. The technical cabinet can be reached from the front which means this workstation can also be installed against a wall or back to back with another workstation.

BASIC workstation versions

Various versions

Naturally, your BASIC workstation can also be entirely customised to suit your wishes. It is available in various dimensions: 160×100 cm, 185×100 cm, 210×100 cm and 235×100 cm. Entirely in line with the number of monitors and devices the workstation should house. The mounting system is flexible and suitable for various sizes of monitor. Furthermore, the workstation can also be equipped with a double monitor rail. Naturally, all manner of accessories can be added to this workstation.

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5-year guarantee

Our workstations are top quality. We guarantee it.

Adjustable monitor angle

Adjust your monitors the way you like them. Naturally they are also height adjustable.

Suitable for seated or standing use

Alternate between sitting and standing at the press of a button.

Ample technical cabinet

Put all the technology, equipment and cables in the ample technical cabinet.

Can be installed against a wall or other workstation

Because the technical cabinet is accessible from the front, the workstation can be installed up against anything.

In various dimensions and versions

Available in widths of 160, 185, 210 and 235 cm.

BASIC workstation seated standing
Robust 24/7 seated/standing workstation
Easy individually height-adjustable work surface and monitors
BASIC workstation 3 screens
Very stable base
Extra power by four lifting columns

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