Monitor mounting systems

Universal solutions for various monitors

It’s not just the monitors at your workstation that are important in a dispatch room. General information provision is more practical on a large screen. Whether it be a videowall everyone can read information from or an individual videowall tailored for the centralist. So opt for a mounting systems for various monitors that can be linked together. The systems are very flexible which means it is easy to add or remove monitors later on.

Videowall monitor

Create a videowall using a monitor mounting system

Inform all centralists or operators at once. Maintain overview to immediately know what the situation is. Create a single large screen from multiple monitors using our mounting systems! Opt for a monitor wall with a technical cabinet underneath or an individual monitor column. Both can be adjusted electrically, so you can determine the optimum settings.

Monitor mounting systems

Other monitor mounting systems

You also need multiple monitors at your workstation. If you need more than two or three, you are better off opting for a mounting system with a curved rail. You can adjust the height of the monitors and the distance between them yourself. Need even more monitors? Expand your set up using an extra rail.

Arrange things yourself

From four to 30 monitors; it’s easy to create a videowall with our mounting systems.

Including technical cabinet

A videowall requires a great deal of technology that you can keep neatly out of sight in a technical cabinet.

Height adjustable

Adjust your monitors from your workstation! Our mounting systems are electrically adjustable.

Suitable for all types of monitors

Almost every monitor fits our mounting systems. Ideal!

Excellent cable management

Prevent cable breakage or system drop outs using excellent cable management.

Adjusts to suit your wishes

Want to move a monitor up? Slightly left? Or a bit to the right? Everything is possible.

Monitor mounting back
Overview of information monitors
Wall mounted or centrally situated in the space
Monitor videowall back
Universal solution for various monitors
Fixed or adjustable height mounting system

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