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24/7 workstations

No two workplaces are identical and each situation has its own requirements and needs. For this reason, we at CREON offer a range of 5 different workstations, available in various models, dimensions and colours. Discover for yourself the SPLIT, MODUS, TITAN, BASIC and LIGHT.

Our work is focussed on meeting your needs. Because the production of our workstations is project based, your specific requirements and needs can be fully taken into consideration. Together we are able to create the definitive version of your workstation.


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Other products

CREON not only specialises in workstations but can even supply everything else necessary to make your workspace complete. For example: mounting system for monitors, 24/7 chairs and special lighting for use with monitors and display screens.

By assigning the installation of your complete interior to just one experienced company ensures that all activities are geared towards one another. That is also “the perfect synergy”!

Online brochure

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All of our 24/7 workstations are guaranteed for 5 years.