Adapt your workspace to your own personal needs

It is quite common to add special (technical) components to your 24/7 workspaces which could include accessories such as an alarm signal light, an integrated panel for emergency stop buttons or data connections which can be accessed easily by the user. The list could go on and on.

We offer a range of options and accessories for all of our workstations.
User friendly for even more comfort in adapting your workspace to your own personal needs, right down to the smallest detail.

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Alarm ring signal lighting

  • Grommet with clear LED ring that can light up in 7 different colours
  • Eye catching due to work surface integration
  • Can also be installed into existing grommet holes



Keyboard soundbar

  • Soundbar kan gebruikt worden i.c.m. met ieder merk/model keyboard
  • Geluidsbron dicht bij de gebruiker dus met laag volume goede verstaanbaarheid
  • Minimale overlast voor andere operators of centralisten
  • Met volumeregelaar en uitgang voor hoofdtelefoon

Signal lighting in monitor rail

  • Signal or ambient lighting integrated into the monitor rail
  • Red, blue and white versions available
  • Optional 2 colours per rail


230VAC or data connection in the work surface

  • Connector for power supply or data
  • Integrated into the work surface
  • Function easy to change thanks to exchangeable insert
  • Also available with swivelling cover

Fold-up module for building in radiotelephone

  • For building in radiotelephone controls into the work surface
  • Folds up

Signal column

  • Signal light column on monitor frame
  • One version with a multi-coloured lamp, the other with 5, lamps of different colours
  • Sticks out above the monitors and moves in unison with table’s height adjustment
  • Can be expanded with a table number

Induction charger

  • Induction charger for the wireless charging of Qi compatible devices
  • Integrated into and clearly marked on the work surface




Panel for push buttons

  • Aluminium panel for installing (emergency) push buttons into the work surface
  • Dimensions depend on the number of buttons or controls
  • With or without labelling

Closable 230VAC or data connection in the work surface

  • Lid with or without integrated induction charger
  • With 230 VAC, USB (charger) or RJ45 connection
  • Can also be installed in an existing grommet


Fold-up 230VAC or data connection in the work surface

  • Fold-up connector for power supply or data
  • Integrated into the work surface
  • The connectors can easily be changed thanks to the exchangeable insert
  • With 230 VAC, USB (charger) or RJ45 connector
  • Also available in extra wide version

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