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Desk with CREON quality and attractive finish

The LIGHT is a sit-to-stand desk for support staff or administration purposes. This model has the same quality and attractive finish as the rest of our range and is therefore highly suitable for 24/7 use.

All cables are neatly integrated into the main support frame. In addition, the frame for the work surface has an integrated cable duct with cover which runs along the entire width. In this way, you can keep your workspace free of loose hanging cables.

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LIGHT Workstation, versions

The LIGHT workstation is available in a variety of dimensions.

The dimensions can be attuned to the available space or the number of monitors to be installed on the work surface.

We enjoy helping you select the most suitable version for you and determining the correct positioning in the space.

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All of our 24/7 workstations are guaranteed for 5 years