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Ideal for a double row of monitors or in combination with a video wall

The work surface and the monitors of the SPLIT workstation can be adjusted in height independently of each other. The monitors can be positioned at a level lower than that of the work surface. Therefore ideal for situations with a double row of monitors or if you need an optimum view of what is behind the workstation, for example a video wall, your colleague(s) or a production area.

The technical instrument cabinet is big enough for a small sized PC and KVM extenders with optional access either from the front or the back. A sophisticated cable management system, with a cable tray behind the monitors and a cable tray under the work surface, ensures that all cables are neat and tidy and out of sight.

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Workstation SPLIT, versions

The SPLIT workstation is available in a variety of shapes and dimensions.
The various versions can be attuned to the amount of equipment to be installed on the workstation.

The monitor frame is suitable for up to 49“ monitors and can be supplied with a single or a double monitor rail.   

We enjoy helping you select the most suitable version for you and determining the correct positioning in the space.


SPLIT features

SPLIT online brochure

Our online brochure collates all the information on the
SPLIT workstation in a clearly organised document.

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