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Specially for large size monitors (43-56”)

The TITAN workstation is specially designed to facilitate large monitor screens (43”- 56”) with high resolutions (4K). This makes it highly suitable for one pixel space solutions, whereby images from different sources can be displayed on one or two large screens.

The dimensions of the TITAN are 200 x 93 cm which makes it a very compact workstation despite the large screens.

The monitors are ergonomically positioned at a 15 degree angle and the bottom edge is positioned slightly lower than the work surface. This provides the operator with an optimum view of the screens as well as the area behind the workstation thereby facilitating a combination with a video wall.

The technical instrument cabinet provides sufficient space for components such as video controllers, thin-clients and KVM extenders and can be accessed from either the front or the back.

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TITAN Workstation, versions

The TITAN workstation is available in a variety of versions, depending on the desired monitor configuration.

The monitor frame is suitable for up to 56“ monitors.

We enjoy helping you select the most suitable version for you and determining the correct positioning in the space.

TITAN features

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All of our 24/7 workstations are guaranteed for 5 years.