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National control room collaboration: “Landelijke Meldkamer Samenwerking” (LMS)

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As a result of national policy, regional police dispatch centres in the northern and southern parts of the province of Limburg (Limburg Noord (Venlo) and Limburg Zuid (Maastricht)) have been merged together to form one Police Communications Centre for Limburg. It is located in Maastricht.

This dispatch centre together with the public services centre in Maastricht was totally upgraded in 2017 and a total of 56 new 24/7 workstations were installed. All compliant with the new standard regulations drawn up by the LMO (Dutch organization for control rooms). This new Police Communications Centre in Maastricht became the first in the Netherlands to comply with the new LMO standard regulations. All future police communications centres in the Netherlands must be equipped with the same type of work stations and the same systems and therefore be able to take over from each other during an emergency.

About the project

Following the national public tender, the Rotterdam project team conferred with the LMO concerning the technical aspects of the workstation. User participation (control room operator and operational managers) was central throughout the whole process starting with the tender right through preparation and on into production and was fully instrumental in creating widespread support. This approach was highly appreciated by the users. Throughout all of these phases, CREON went to great length in fulfilling the end result by coming up with solutions and demonstrating essential creativity and flexibility time and time again.

Working in relatively small areas during the construction phase, CREON was good at optimizing cooperation with the other project companies to achieve meeting the (tight) deadline requirements. All the partners involved were very satisfied with how CREON worked along with them throughout the various project phases. This effort on CREON’s part contributed to this subproject being carried out to full satisfaction and within the predetermined framework (time and budget).