Custom interior design is all about realising your desired style and maximising the use of available space. Customisation allows us to make furniture and elements exactly to measure.

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The total solution with customised interiors

At CREON, we understand the specific requirements for furnishing 24-hour workplaces. That is why we offer customised interior solutions that perfectly match your organisation’s wants and needs. From a pantry to a reception desk and from a conference table to office furniture; our experts specialise in designing and realising unique interior solutions that combine functionality, design and quality.

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Customised interior:
cabinets, pantries or meeting rooms as required

Your wishes and needs are translated by our product designers into a design that perfectly matches your specific work situation. The design, colours and choice of materials (such as the colour of the full-core top) are in line with your chosen CREON desks. The furniture is fully custom-made. We guarantee quality and durability by using high-quality materials. Whether it’s cabinets, tables, a wardrobe cabinet, a kitchen, a casing for knob panels or any other furniture; a made-to-measure furniture will meet all your requirements.

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Custom-made furniture
A coordinated interior creates calm and contributes to a productive working environment.

Involved from the first moment

The CREON specialists listen to your needs, think with you and provide sound advice. We take your specific wishes and needs into account to arrive at the very best customised solutions. Our designs and products are custom-made and form a total solution for control rooms and monitoring rooms. Because a well-equipped control room is essential for performing (critical) tasks and monitoring processes efficiently and comfortably.

We think about the design and functionality of our furniture down to the last detail. With our years of experience, we design and realise unique interior solutions for organisations with control rooms or control rooms that contribute to improved performance, comfort and well-being of users. We bring peace and unity to the design by matching the style, choice of materials and desired colour of the furniture. We offer sustainable solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Advantages of custom furniture

When designing customised interiors, we consider optimal functionality, efficient information provision, safety, ergonomics and comfort.

Different materials and finishes

With high-quality, durable materials, we guarantee the quality of our custom-made furniture. As you would expect from CREON.

Expert advice for your furniture

We like to think along with you! Discover the possibilities of custom-made furniture for your control room and create a functional and efficient workspace.

The design process for custom-made furniture

Our customised solutions fulfil various needs. Storage lockers, for example, serve to store valuables. At a reception desk, visitors and colleagues can ask or pass on something. With a landing workstation or touch-down workstation, a workstation is always available. And brief consultations can take place at a conference table.

We also consider the functionality of furniture in the room. With a cabinet wall, for instance, a walking route can be created behind workstations, reducing noise nuisance for operators and switchboard operators. A casing for a video wall can also be used as a room divider. When arranging the working environment, we take into account your company’s specific layout and workflow. This allows employees to work more efficiently and concentrate on their tasks. If required, we also take into account the choice of materials for the furniture for companies in the food industry, for example. For each piece of furniture, we take comfort and design into account. A coordinated interior creates calm and contributes to a productive working environment.

Personal contact is at the heart of our custom-made interiors. We understand that creating the perfect workspace is closely linked to discussing the right materials and dimensions. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs and advise on a custom-made piece of furniture.