Perfect lighting and muffled environmental noises are of crucial importance in a 24/7 critical work environment. The right solutions have a positive effect on focus and energy levels. This is how we ensure you stay in control all day long.

ighting and acoustics

Listening for acoustics

The hard surfaces of modern, sleek interiors can cause an acoustic problem because they reflect sound. Ambient noise from your colleagues should not disturb your work. In cooperation with an acoustic expert, we offer various acoustic solutions. These acoustic solutions are specially designed to promote sound absorption and sound insulation. You won’t be distracted by your colleagues conferring at the workstation next to you. This is because the acoustic panels at your desk dampen the noise. Day or night: in the control room, you are in control.

Lighting and acoustics solution

Collaboration with acoustic expert

Acoustics in a room are important. We are convinced of that. We therefore like to help our clients with the most effective solutions. To do this as effectively as possible, we have entered into a collaboration with an acoustic expert. This expert knows exactly what a room needs and offers the appropriate solutions. We can therefore guarantee that the acoustics in your room will approach perfection.

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Acoustic solutions
We offer various acoustic solutions to prevent annoying noise.

Noise attenuation

In a 24/7 staffed control room where constant focus and high energy levels are essential, noise control poses a challenge. Our acoustic products are specially designed to meet this challenge. They absorb and diffuse sound, resulting in a significant reduction in the overall noise level in the room. This means your team can focus better on crucial tasks without being distracted by distracting background noise.

The solutions help reduce distracting echoes and noises, improving the intelligibility of communication and minimising the risk of misunderstandings. With CREON’s acoustic ceiling panels, wall panels or other solutions, you can optimise the sound environment in control rooms for maximum efficiency and productivity.