In the financial sector it’s all about making the right decision, at the right time. This means you need a trading room that enables that. With videowalls and a workstation equipped with every convenience.

Financial trading room

Designing a trading room

Overview is what it’s all about in a trading room. If your colleagues have overview, they can make the right decision at just the right time. And providing overview starts with a good design. An interior plan in which everything has been thought of. The number of workstations, meeting spaces, acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and atmosphere. Your wishes and requirements, our recommendations. Together we devise an interior plan for an optimum trading room. We enjoy showing you what it will look like in a 360° video or Virtual Reality visualisation.

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Financial trading workstations

Workstations for a trading room

Our workstations are pre-eminently suited for trading rooms. We have various workstations that can be tailored to your wishes on a project basis. Proven technology, robust and always adjustable, so everyone can use them. Why not go for a curved workstation whereby the monitors are placed just below the work surface. This gives you a clear view of the videowall behind them. Talk about overview!

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Financial trading
Deciding at the right moment. That’s what it’s about in the financial sector. So you need a trading room that enables that.

Always alert in the trading room

Staying alert is crucial in finance. Everything can change in a matter of moments. It’s about making critical decisions in a split-second. That is why our ergonomic chairs always put you in an active posture. The monitors can be adjusted so you have an unobstructed view of all of them. The entire desk comes up at the push of a button so you can work standing. In the background, the lighting changes in sync with your daily rhythm. This means you can be alert and focused all day at work.

Everything you need for a trading room

We incorporate everything into the interior plan that you need. Not just the number and type of workstations. We also study the whole furnishing of the space. Which functionality needs to be incorporated? A desk, a meeting space? Should there be a lot of privacy or – conversely – the opportunity to hold meetings? Naturally, you can also have both. But think of lighting that doesn’t reflect on your screen. Lighting that keeps you awake, alert and focused because it changes colour over the course of your shift. And talking of colours … we can also make the space look great too as we also tackle the decor.

And then what happens?

Once we have created a sketch in our 3D modelling software, we start moving elements around. Some workstations might, for example, need to move right slightly, the desk more to the left, you may want a different number or size of monitors. We’ll keep doing this until you are satisfied. By that time, you will be so enthusiastic that you will want to show your colleagues! We will generate a 360° video to convince them of the new trading room’s strengths. And you can already view the room in Virtual Reality before we even start its construction.

Tailor-made workstations

We have multiple workstations for you to choose from which you can have customised to suit your needs. For instance, you can adjust the size of the desk to the number of screens required. Will you opt for a curved, extended curved, cockpit or a straight desk? Do you require a double monitor rail or is a single one enough? Then you can finish it off with accessories such as signal lighting, data connections in the work surface, fold-up modules for telephones… just the way you want it!

A seamless transition

Work must go on. Even while we are busy building the new trading room. We ensure that you and your colleagues experience no interruption and can keep working away. Before you know it, your new trading room will be ready for use! Not just now, but also in the future. We ensure your trading room is future proof; ready for expansions and technical developments.

Are you planning a new trading room? Do you need help or are you curious about our robust 24/7 workstations? Our specialists would be pleased to tell you more.