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We are CREON. In control when it comes to furnishing dispatch or control rooms i.e. where you and your colleagues have to be in control.

Because a properly furnished dispatch room provides calm and confidence in a hectic world. With workstations everyone can work at comfortably. With lighting that supports focus instead of giving you a headache. And with monitors in the right position and at the correct distance.

Our dispatch rooms meet the highest requirements in the fields of ergonomics, design, technology and functionality. This is the only way to enable dispatchers and operators to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Process monitoring

The process never stops. Not even when a new control room is built. We ensure a seamless migration that does not affect the process and the operators don’t notice. Until that is, they move into the control room of the future.

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Public order & safety

Work continues 24/7 in a dispatch room. Every shift, different dispatchers sit at a different workstation. We ensure they can nevertheless all adopt an active, natural work posture. So they can stay focused to make critical, split-second decisions. Immediately notifying the right emergency service whilst reassuring the caller.

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Traffic centres

Safe road, maritime and air conditions all start with focused, alert dispatchers. Who can make the right decision at the right time. All this starts with the optimum layout of your traffic centre.

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Security & surveillance

A centralist should be focused and alert. That is only possible in a working environment that is furnished to enable that. We make it possible using proven technology workstations that meet high ergonomic standards. All tailor made, because our specialists like to go the extra mile. Or ten if need be.

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There are many aspects to furnishing a dispatch or control room. Interior plans, workstations, migration… this much will be apparent by now. Our specialists are pleased to ensure you get completely back in control.

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