Centres on interaction between operation and information

The MODUS workstation is multifarious and suitable for almost every application. Particularly when it comes to those that centre on the interaction between operation and information. The MODUS can be equipped with a touch screen as its input device. Subsequently, all the pertinent information is displayed on one or two large monitors. The MODUS workstation is multifunctional, multifarious, compact and provides optimum focus.

MODUS workstation topview

Equipped with every convenience

The MODUS is the ultimate workstation for every operator. You can enter everything using an, (electrically) adjustable, touch screen. You can immediately see all the important information you need on the large monitors. The latter are also at exactly the right height and viewing distance, and are individually adjustable. The cables don’t get in your way as the MODUS is equipped with a smart cable management system. Various outputs for 230V, USB and data have been integrated into the work surface. The MODUS also has an ample technical enclosure which you can even install a tower PC in, if need be.

MODUS workstation setup

Various set ups and monitors

If you opt for a MODUS workstation, you will always want more than one. Various set ups are possible. For instance, these workstations can be set up side by side, or opposite one another. They can also be set up in a staggered configuration with the technical enclosure in the middle. Do you opt for a 49-inch, curved UW monitor? Or do you need two 24-inch, full HD monitors? You can also opt for a 43 or 55-inch monitor with 4K resolution. Naturally, you can also add a variety of accessories; the options are limitless!

Touch screen as input device

Data input is easy using a touch screen.

Various monitor options

Opt for what suits your workstation. 49-inch, curved, 2x 24- inch, full HD, 43 or 55-inch monitors with 4K resolution?

Individual adjustment options

Adjust the touchscreen and your monitors to suit your needs.

Excellent cable management system

No more cable tangles with the integrated cable management system.

Fully equipped work surface

A work surface with 230V, USB and data connections. Can also be expanded!

5-year guarantee

We provide a 5-year guarantee on all our workstations because we are that confident in the quality we supply.

MODUS workstation left side
Depth and height adjustments
Move screens forwards and backwards separately from the desktop
MODUS workstation technical cabinet open
Modular technical cabinet
Equipped with integrated 19" mounting frames, offers room for a tower PC
MODUS workstation touchscreen
Touch screen
Simplified working process through touch screen input

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