You are in control in the control room. Monitoring the process, keeping an eye on everything and acting when it comes down to it. The furnishing of the control room is very important to all of the above, and that is where we are in control.

Control room furnishing design

It all starts with the design

No furnishing without a design. Together we will discuss all the wishes, requirements and options. We will arrive at a definitive design during an interactive design session. But that is not where things end. We will then go from 2D to 3D, converting the design into a 360° video you can share with all your colleagues. Or go for the immersive experience and view the design in a VR visualisation.

Have an interior plan drawn up
Control room furnishing workstation

The best furniture for your control room

We excel at making the process stress free. After the design of your new control room we take things one step further with the furniture. Select one of our workstations and modify it entirely to suit your wishes. Discover our ergonomic, 24/7 chairs that encourage you to adopt an active posture. You can subsequently add the accessories you require to complement your workstations. Beautiful, robust, functional proven technology.

View our workstations
Control room furnishing
A future-proof control room. One that lasts.

Control room of the future

A new control room will last you over a decade, as long as it is future proof of course. We therefore not only look at what you need now, but also study possible future changes. Predicting your expansions, new technologies or computerisation. We take these factors into account from the first design onwards. This is how we create a control room of the future.

More than just control room furnishing

We are the experienced partner in the field of control room furnishing. However, we are much more than that: we take the worry off your hands entirely. From inspiration to installation. We ensure the right colour scheme, decorations and atmosphere are used. As are the right cable management, lighting and the best equipment. Expect us to play the role of architect. We are in control from A to Z.

Migration to a new control room

Our trade is an odd one as technology and design overlap. We not only provide optimum control room set-up with the right furniture, your IT staff will also be happy.

Process monitoring never ends. That is why we furnish the control room so work can continue 24/7. Even when transitioning from the old to the new control room. We ensure seamless migration with as little hindrance to the process as possible, in which your operators can always keep working. This way, your business never stops.

Sustainable and (environmentally) friendly

We keep an eye on our ecological footprint and always seek out ways to diminish the latter. We therefore utilise sustainable, durable materials, that are easily recyclable and cause little environmental damage. For instance, we strive to adhere to all corporate social responsibility guidelines to the best of our abilities.

We are not only kind to the environment, but also to everyone we work with. We interact with our colleagues, partners, suppliers and, of course, clients in an open, honest and transparent manner. Here too, we are in control.

In short, we are your partner for the furnishing of your control room and everything this entails. Would you like to know more? We are ready to help.