Ideal combination with a videowall

With the SPLIT workstation you can truly keep an eye on everything. The double monitor row, the videowall behind that, your colleagues or the production area … and all at exactly the right height. Because you can set that yourself. You are in control with the SPLIT workstation.

SPLIT workstation double monitors

The ultimate combination
of ergonomics and technology

Workstation SPLIT is a true all-rounder. Want to move the work surface up slightly and the monitors down? No problem. It’s a good idea as that gives you an excellent view of everything going on behind your monitors. However often you adjust it all, the technology will remain neatly stored away in the technical enclosure. And the cables in their cable tray. Neat and tidy!

The monitor mounting system is incredibly flexible. Whether you want two rows of 24-inch monitors or opt for large 43-inch monitors, it’s all possible with the SPLIT.

SPLIT workstation straight or curved

SPLIT workstation:
always the right configuration

There are various versions of the SPLIT available. Opt for the curved version and attune the width of the desk to the number of monitors you need. Or select the extended curve if you need extra space next to your monitors. It’s no problem if you prefer a straight workstation. Or opt for half and half with the cockpit version.

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Independently adjustable work surface and monitors

Adjust both your work surface and your monitors. Exactly the way you want them.

Monitor angle adjustable

Not only can the monitors’ height be adjusted, you can also angle them.

Good line of sight over the monitors

Not only gives you a good view of your monitors, but also of the videowall, colleagues or production space behind them.

Lots of integrated room for equipment

Everything can be neatly hidden in the technical cabinet so you aren’t hampered by loose cables.

Various versions available

The SPLIT workstation can be entirely modified to suit your wishes. Various dimensions, additions and monitors; it’s all possible.

5-year guarantee

We enjoy ensuring you get the best quality. That is why we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our workstations.

SPLIT workstation monitor options
Depth adjustment
Simply push the button to adjust the monitors in depth
Clever cable management
All cables are easily and invisibly concealed
SPLIT workstation desk open
Integrated 19 inch racks
Technique is easily accessible from all sides of the desk

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