Road, rail, maritime and air safety starts with the traffic centre. With a dispatcher who can work in a focused manner. And a dispatch room furnished to enable that.

Traffic control room

Years of experience furnishing traffic centres

From the control room for the Westerscheldetunnel to the municipal public transport company’s traffic centre. We have supplied these and many other traffic centres with the best 24/7 workstations entirely customised to your requirements. No traffic centre is the same, so we start with a tailor-made interior plan. What should your traffic centre be like?

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Traffic workstations

24/7 workstations for traffic centres

We offer a variety of workstations that can be entirely modified to suit your wishes with various accessories including signal lighting, alarm rings and data connections in the work surface. Opt for a curved desk with a double monitor rail or conversely for a workstation with two extra large monitors. Whichever workstation you choose, they can all be easily adjusted so that every colleague can work there.

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Traffic Centres
Focused working starts with a properly furnished traffic centre.
From workstation to lighting.

Suitable for every dispatcher

Work goes on 24/7 at traffic centres. Focused and alert. This is only possible if the centre has been furnished so everything is close to hand. That you don’t have to look up to see certain monitors. That you can work standing up to boost alertness. And can sit down again when you want to. In a chair that encourages an active posture of course. Every shift someone else works at it so both the work surface and the monitors can be adjusted. This makes our workstations suitable for every dispatcher.

A new traffic centre starts with an interior plan

But we start from the beginning. Because if there is a need for a new traffic centre or the renovation of an older one, there are often already plenty of ideas about it. All those ideas, wishes and requirements will then be incorporated into an interior plan. Naturally our specialists enjoy providing recommendations as well as showing you solutions you might not think possible.

From 2D to 3D

We will create the interior plan using our high-end modelling software. We will bring the plan along to an interactive design session so we can shift things around together, live. Furniture, monitors and other items can all be moved until things are just the way you want them. Once that has been achieved, we transition from 2D to 3D and generate a 360º video which you can use to enthuse your colleagues. And you yourself can tour the new centre in Virtual Reality.

Renovation and migration

We don’t just design and furnish brand new traffic centres, we can also be of service if a centre really needs an upgrade. With new workstations, technical cabinet and cabling, we can turn an existing space into a new working environment. And while we are busy with a new centre or renovating an older one, work can continue as normal. The dispatchers can carry on uninterrupted. We will draw up a migration plan to that end.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CREON truly engages in corporate social responsibility. Because we try to decrease our ecological footprint on a daily basis. It is very important to us that we leave our world in a decent state for the generations to come. Furthermore, we are honest, open and transparent in our dealings with the current generation. Colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners always know exactly what they are in for. And we are suitably proud of this fact.

Does your traffic centre urgently need renovation? Or are you due to move premises? Our specialists are here to help. With our sincere advice, a tailor-made interior plan and the best ergonomic workstations.