The dispatcher in the dispatch room should always be able to act in critical situations. They need to stay focused, retain overview and make decisions which can only be done in a work environment that is comfortable and efficiently laid out.

Ergonomic advice comfort

Comfort for every dispatcher

An active work posture in a critical situation, standing to consult or relaxing sit down to read something through: dispatcher work postures change often. Our workstations are easy to modify to suit individual end users’ wishes. The monitors, chair or work surface can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The ideal posture for every dispatcher.

Ergonomic advice healthy

Functional, progressive and reliable

Our goal is to allow dispatchers to enjoy their work in a healthy manner. We collaborate with ergonomics specialists so we can draw up an interior plan that meets all the wishes and requirements. This keeps you in control at all times, regardless of the sector you work in.

Ergonomic advice
Our workstations meet a functional programme of requirements.

An efficient, productive workplace

We take our role as architects very seriously. The right workplace layout positively influences dispatcher health and welfare. We provide a suitable layout proposal on the basis of a functional programme or requirements. We co-conceptualise when it comes to lighting, chairs, dispatcher desks and much much more. Our proposals meet the most progressive ergonomic requirements which put the dispatcher’s health front and centre.