Specially developed for large monitors.

Opting for a one pixel space solution? The required large, high-resolution monitors are no problem for the TITAN workstation. This desk was specially developed to cope with them! Even though the TITAN is extremely suitable for large monitors, it is still compact. Do you want to opt for an innovative appearance, but still want to use smaller monitors? That is also possible with the TITAN.

TITAN workstation ergonomically

Ergonomically situated monitors

The TITAN workstation provides sufficient room for up to 56-inch, high-resolution monitors. Ideal for a one pixel space solution, which displays images from various sources on one or two large monitors. We also place the monitors at an ergonomic 15° angle, the bottom edge slightly lower than the work surface so you have an optimum view of the monitors and the space behind them. Good for use in combination with a videowall in other words.

TITAN workstation configuration small big

Flexible monitor mounting system

Our TITAN is equipped with a flexible monitor mounting system. This will be aligned with the desired monitor configuration. A single 56-inch monitor, two 43-inch monitors or six 24-inch monitors? They can all be accommodated. Despite the compact design there is still sufficient room for technology such as video controllers, thin clients and KVM extenders. Extra practical: the technical cabinet can be accessed from both the front and the rear.

Suitable for seated or standing work

Stretch your legs at the press of a button. You can work either seated or standing at the TITAN workstation.

Suitable for large monitors

One 56-inch monitor, two 43-inch monitors or six 24-inch monitors? They can all be accommodated!

Good view over the monitors

Keep an eye on everything going on behind your monitors.

Simple height adjustment

Height adjustment at the press of a button. Can even be controlled from an app on your phone, if so desired.

Large and yet compact

Room for large monitors, yet compact; measuring a mere 200 x 93 cm.

Ergonomically situated monitors

The monitors are hung at a 15° angle with their bottom edges slightly lower than the work surface.

TITAN workstation ergonomic screen
Ergonomically positioned monitors
Positioned in an angle of 15 degrees, for optimal viewing comfort
TITAN workstation top view
Small footprint
A compact workstation (2x1m) that contributes to an optimal work process
TITAN workstation signal lights
Signal lights
Integrated in base and desktop

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