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Looking for a specialist in dispatch room furnishing? You’ve found them! For over 25 years now, we have been providing full service to various companies, from inspiration to installation. We are your chain partner and think of everything when it comes to the furnishing of your dispatch or control room.

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Why engage CREON?

Well, to furnish your dispatch room of course! However, every project has to start somewhere. A new dispatch or control room starts with a plan. One which incorporates all your wishes and that ultimately leads to the ideal set up. A plan that appeals in 360° video or Virtual Reality. This helps you not only gain an impression, but also taste the atmosphere.

Our solutions workstations

Everything in order?

It doesn’t end with an interior plan. Because we really mean it when we say we make the process stress free. We develop the workstations that you can modify entirely to suit your needs. We provide your dispatch room with ergonomic, 24/7 chairs and desks that can be adjusted at the press of a button. The space will be laid out so that it completely serves your dispatchers and operators.