Security & surveillance

Staff should be able to concentrate in a security lodge. Everything there serves the dispatcher, so they can be in complete control. That is why you engage CREON. From design to installation, we create the optimum dispatch centre.

Security & surveillance lodge

A new security lodge

A new security lodge or the expansion of an existing one starts with a plan. We study practical matters: how many workstations are required and of which type? Where should they be situated? However, the atmosphere is also important: lighting, colour scheme, plants. We incorporate everything into an interior plan. That’s not some old-fashioned sketch. Experience the new security lodge as a 360° video or even in Virtual Reality.

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security & surveillance desk

Robust 24/7 workstations

Work continues 24/7 at security dispatch centres. This demands robust workstations. Ones featuring seamless adjustment, so every dispatcher can work in an ergonomically sound manner. Workstations that provide plenty of room for multiple monitors, built-in equipment and a view of what is happening behind them. Our workstations don’t just meet these demands, they go way beyond. Discover them for yourself and modify them to suit your needs.

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Security & surveillance
Because you also want to work safely in a security lodge.

The optimum dispatch centre for security

A dispatcher should be able to work in an alert, focused manner. This demands a workstation which puts everything you need within easy reach. Sufficient monitors to keep an eye on everything. Set up so you don’t incur physical complaints. Whilst seated in a chair that ensures you adopt an active posture enabling you to stay focused. All in a dispatch centre that exudes calm, yet still feels pleasant. In which you can consult if need be, but can also work in silence.

This is how we create a new security lodge

We start at the beginning, because you probably have ideas about how you would like your new dispatch centre. What you definitely want in there, the requirements that equipment must meet and what you really do not want. During our introductory meeting we like to take stock of your ideas. We then add our recommendations and alternatives you hadn’t thought of before. We then create an initial design on the basis of the above. Using 3D modelling software of course. Because this allows us to start moving elements such as furniture, workstations and areas around during our second (online) interactive meeting. Until we arrive at the optimum security lodge.

Experience your new dispatch centre

We start work once you have approved the design. In the meantime we bring the interior plan to life for you. We generate a 360° video so your colleagues can experience their future working environment. And you can view everything through a VR headset. This puts you in the middle of your new security lodge before it has even been finished.

Creating the security lodge

Now things are really starting to take shape. The workstations will be modified to suit your wishes. The space will then be built in line with the plan. Cables will be laid, the videowall will be installed and the workstations will be readied. Before you know it, you will be standing in the new dispatch centre you previously experienced in virtual reality and everyone can start work!

Socially responsible

Finally, this. We care about the world we live in. That isn’t glib marketing, but something we genuinely practice. Every day. We keep an eye on our ecological footprint and constantly work to reduce it. We interact honestly, openly and in a transparent manner. Both with our colleagues and our clients. We do honest business with our suppliers and partners, and do not begrudge others their yields. In this way, we exert ourselves to adhere to corporate social responsibility guidelines. And we are pretty proud of the fact.

Need a new security lodge? CREON’s specialists are ready to help you. Our designers, engineers and technicians take all the stress off your hands. Be inspired and plan a meeting to discuss the options.