We will create the optimum control room for conducting mission critical activities. From A to Z. You can rely on our experienced specialists.

Control room defence

The laying out of a control room for defence

A new control room for defence starts with a plan. This might already exist, because you know how many workstations you need and which functionality the space should have. Our designers have over 20 years of experience and will show you alternatives you may not have thought of yet. We combine your wishes and requirements with our recommendations resulting in an optimum interior plan. You will then be able to experience this for yourself in a 360° video or a Virtual Reality visualisation.

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Defence proven technology

Proven technology 24/7 workstations

Tough, robust workstations that every dispatcher can work at, standing or seated, be they tall or short. Our proven technology workstations that can be fully modified to suit your wishes. Need additional space for monitors or to hold meetings in? A curved desk or a rectangular one? Equipment built into the work surface? It’s all possible. Don’t worry about the technical equipment and cables, they will all be neatly hidden.

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Defence Industry
Maintaining overview, rapidly switching tasks and working in a focused manner are only possible in a control room that was laid out to facilitate this.

Control room serves the dispatcher

Your dispatchers are inundated with information. To stay focused on the latter, to process this information and to subsequently be able to make quick, critical decisions requires an excellent workstation. One that serves the dispatcher. One that encourages people to work standing up. This stimulates alertness, is better for the body and can be activated at the press of a button. When the shift is over the next colleague to use the workstation can also do so in comfort.

Creating a control room for the defence industry

To us, getting off to a good start is crucial. Because everything hinges on the interior plan. Luckily our experienced designers know exactly what to pay attention to. And that goes way beyond the workstations’ layout. Has an ergonomic analysis been performed? Then that will be incorporated. Should privacy be enabled or – conversely – should opportunities for interaction be created? Is a desk required or a meeting space? And what about light ingress and therefore the lighting required? We incorporate anything and everything you can think of into the interior plan.

Everything tailor made, everyone happy

A new control centre? Change proves difficult for some staff, which means enthusiasm may initially lag behind. However, this will grow, for instance after viewing our 360° video. This lets them experience the new centre and explore its options. They can view the workstations that can be adapted to suit their wishes and which have every convenience. We make everything on a project basis. Every control room is different and we are well aware of that.

From your old control room to the control room of the future

We really think of everything including, for example, the migration from the old to the new centre. After all, work must be able to continue uninterrupted. We enable a seamless transition from old to new whereby we limit nuisance for your dispatchers to a minimum. We also keep the future in mind. We build a control room of the future; ready for whatever expansions, upgrades and technical developments that future might hold in store.

Socially responsible

The defence industry stands for people and fatherland. For society. We try to make our contribution to that. We keep an eye on our ecological footprint whilst doing everything we can to keep this as small as possible. We always interact with colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers in an open, honest and transparent manner. Honest trading is in our blood. To us, corporate social responsibility is not mere marketing, it is something we truly stand for. It’s more than natural to be proud of that, right?

Curious about what we could do for you? Interested in our robust 24/7 workstations and a control room of the future? Our specialists would be pleased to tell you more.