CREON keeps things simple & smart, because less is (much) more

Endless variations for tailoring your work environment to suit your wishes: the innovative, modular design of the SMART product line can be scaled up or down and has multiple formation options. Thanks to the design’s uniformity, various versions put together still look like a single unit. Moreover, the desk’s simple structure has a minimal number of parts and meets current ergonomic guidelines. In short, the combination of a lot of smart solutions all rolled into one.

SMART sit stand

capitalises on your needs

‘Select what you need’ is the philosophy behind this product line. Every company and institution has its own specific wishes and guidelines when it comes to structuring 24/7 workstations. The individual wishes of the various operators are also very important when compiling the ultimate work environment. The minimalist, ergonomic design of the SMART desk cleverly capitalises on the needs of operators who perform monitor work. The many positioning options provide solutions for various sectors such as process control, financial trading, private security dispatch centres and traffic control centres.

SMART configurations

& Dutch design

The SMART workstation’s modular design makes it unique in its field. The conscious decision to minimise materials use, makes the workstation sustainable and easy to build which means assembly can also be outsourced. The parts’ relatively light weight does not impact stability, but does simplify transport. This makes the SMART very suitable for transport abroad. If that isn’t smart …!?

SMART technical cabinet

Things can be even smarter

We are conscious of our ecological footprint. That is why we have opted for a technical enclosure ‘as a service’. This circular technical solution stimulates the reuse of parts. Furthermore, we utilise sustainable materials as well as incorporating recycled materials. The SMART workstation also provides the highest quality, reliability and a long lifespan. As you are accustomed to from us.


Entirely modify the SMART workstation to suit your wishes. Various formats, accessories and monitors; anything is possible.

Minimal number of parts

We have reduced the number of raw materials keeping our ecological footprint limited.

Return service for technical enclosures

We will take back technical enclosures if you no longer need them. We then use them for other workstations.

Ergonomic guidelines

You can perform your work comfortably and healthily at your SMART workstation.

Variable dimensions

The layout of your working environment depends on a variety of factors. We adapt the SMART work environment to suit your needs.

Standards and certificates

ISO 11064-1 (principles of control center design). ISO 11064-4 (layout and dimensions of workstations) and NEN-EN 527-1en (safety, strength and durability requirements for work tables and desks used for computer work and office tasks).

SMART manual control
Sustainable use of materials
The PETfelt leg side panels are made from recycled plastic bottles.
SMART back open technical cabinet
User-friendly manual control
Make the SMART a height-adjustable desk
SMART components
Modular design
A workstation that can be adapted to suit your needs.