Interactive design sessions

Log into Teams from your own workstation. Our CREON designer will do the same. Before you know it, you’ll be taking part in an interactive design session so you can communicate your wishes that are then immediately incorporated by our designer.

Interactive design sessions desk

Remote designing

No interior without a design. Together we will discuss all the wishes, requirements and options. No time for a meeting? Then we will plan an online design session! Our designer can modify the design using his tablet. Your feedback is passed on directly and you can see the changes happen.

Interactive design sessions CREON

Tell us your wishes

Would you prefer to turn the desk 90 degrees? And a little bit more to the left? What would it look like with two monitor rails? The CREON designer will immediately incorporate your wishes. Voila: the result can be seen straight away. You don’t even have to leave the office! Short lines of communication, fewer rounds of corrections and rapid switching from subject to subject are all advantages of an interactive design session.

Interactive design sessions
Your control room is ready for the future. And so are we.

The new working method

Fast, precise, efficient work is what we love here at CREON. Log in from home, your place of work or a coffee bar; whatever suits you best. Tell us your wishes and watch us implement them live. We love to co-conceptualise to arrive at the best solutions. Together we will future-proof your control room.