The furnishing of a control room can mean success or failure to process monitoring. Everything should be installed in such a way that the operator has complete overview and can simultaneously carry out the necessary analyses as well as being able to act if necessary.

process monitoring control room

The optimum control room for process monitoring

An operator in a control room should have everything at their fingertips. Being able to have and maintain overview. Staying focused all day long. So that intervention can take place if required. The entire control room should therefore serve the operator. With sufficient monitors, at the correct height, an ergonomic office chair, videowalls and the right atmosphere. We take care of it all, from A to Z.

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Process monitoring workstations

Workstations for process monitoring

Which requirements should a workstation for process monitoring meet? The workstation should provide sufficient space for multiple monitors or even have a double monitor rail. The latter should be adjustable, just like the work surface. Because every shift, someone else will be sat there. And when desks are hard to adjust, they won’t be adjusted at all. With predictable results. This is why our workstations can be adjusted at the push of a button. But there’s more, much more they can do!

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Process monitoring
We are in control when it comes to furnishing control rooms: the place where you have to be in control too.

Complete focus on process monitoring

The operators in a control room should have complete focus. They keep an eye on every process. Simultaneously, they also often conduct process optimisation, analyses and work on reports. If something happens, action must be taken immediately. Select a workstation with sufficient space for all the monitors. With a good view of what lies behind them, such as, for instance, a videowall or the production space. Finish it off with an alarm ring, data connections in the work surface or an integrated panel for emergency buttons. Everything geared towards enabling focused work.

Here’s how we do it

We keep describing the ideal process monitoring control room. But how do we create that? We enjoy explaining how we go about things.

Naturally, we start with a design. An interior plan which includes every detail. Your wishes and requirements as well as our recommendations. We are always sincere and honest, and tell you exactly what can and can’t be done. But in the latter case, we always show you alternatives which might perhaps even be better than the initial idea.

A tailor made design

Our experienced designers subsequently turn out a sketch using 3D modelling software. Then we hold an interactive design session during which we shift things around together. Details are modified, workstations composed and correctly situated. Once you agree with everything, we will convert this from 3D to VR. Because you can only gain a proper impression from a 360° video or in Virtual Reality. And you can even taste the atmosphere a little.

Uninterrupted process

No process without process monitoring. So process interruption while we build the new control room is out of the question. We therefore always draw up a migration plan which affects the process as little as possible. The systems can keep running, your operators can keep working. Your company never stops. That is the advantage of using CREON. Our specialists think of everything. A single partner to take everything off your hands.

Control room of the future

If you want to have a new control room built, you want it to last a while. Well, longer than a while. Our control rooms will last a decade, and often much longer. After all, we don’t just look at what you need now, but also at possible future changes. If you predict expansions, new technological developments or computerisation in the future? We capitalise on that. Thereby creating the control room of the future.

Do you also want a control room of the future? One in which your operators have complete focus on process monitoring and can work to the best of their abilities? Our specialists would be pleased to tell you more.