Public order & safety

Work goes on 24/7 in our dispatch rooms. In an active posture, seated or standing, with all the monitors and tools you need in a single workstation. This provides optimum working conditions for your dispatchers.

Public order en safety room

Furnishing emergency services dispatch rooms

We have ample experience furnishing emergency services dispatch rooms. From the emergency dispatch room for the Rotterdam Rijnmond safety zone to one for the police in Knokke (Belgium). We incorporate specific requirements and wishes, but also technology into our designs. For example, we always ensure that our workstations meet the requirements set by national organisations.

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Public order and safety monitors

Furnishing CCTV control rooms

We don’t just furnish emergency services dispatch rooms. We can also provide CCTV control rooms or a fire brigade dispatch room, for example. Our workstations are very suitable for this. Thanks to, for instance, the double monitor mount so that every image from every camera can be viewed. The monitors can be adjusted so that you still maintain a clear view of the videowall you might have behind them. This means you always have an overview of everything. And if your eyesight is less good, you can bring the monitors towards you at the press of a button.

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Public order & safety
We provide the ideal workstation
for every dispatcher,
every shift.

Comfortable working for every dispatcher

Work continues 24/7 in an emergency services dispatch room or CCTV control room. No one has their own workstation and every shift someone else sits there. Our workstations are however suitable for everyone. The work surface as well as the monitors can be adjusted to just the right height at the press of a button. Whether the employee is standing or sitting. And, while we are on the subject of the latter, you will be seated in an ergonomic 24/7 office chair. This means you will always be in an active position, be focused and capable of making critical, split-second decisions at work.

How do we get to work?

Okay, so we have years of experience furnishing dispatch rooms. We enjoy explaining how we do that. Because we have a very unique approach, if we say so ourselves.

We start at the beginning. The interior plan. We create a design based on your wishes and requirements as well as our recommendations. We show you alternatives you may not have thought of yourself. We incorporate everything into the interior plan. Naturally that includes the number and type of workstations, but also other matters. How should the space be subdivided for example? Is a desk or space for meetings required? Should dispatchers be able to consult each other easily or do they conversely require a lot of privacy? And what about the colour scheme, plants and lighting?

Experience the dispatch room for yourself

We will get back to you as soon as we have drawn a sketch using our modelling software. We can then start moving the furniture around together, live. Would you prefer your workstations side by side or staggered? The desk slightly more to the right or the path just slightly different? Together we will move the elements around until the everything is perfect.

Then we convert the designs into a 3D visualisation. Because a dispatch room should have the right atmosphere and feeling too. Give your colleagues an impression of the dispatch room by experiencing the design as a 360º video. And experience it for yourself in Virtual Reality.

The new dispatch room is built

We start work when everything has been approved. The workstations will be tailor made. The space will be furnished entirely in line with the design. Naturally, work continues regardless. A dispatch room cannot afford to be inoperative. This is why we ensure a seamless migration. Your dispatchers can continue to do their work while we slowly transition them to the new dispatch room. You can be confident of that as we have years of experience.

Suitable for the future

And then the moment arrives, the new dispatch room is operational! Everyone is enthusiastic and that will stay that way. Because we make our dispatch rooms future proof. Expansions, technological progress… our dispatch rooms are easy to adapt. This means, you definitely won’t have to repeat this whole process for the next 15 years. Fabulously sustainable, just the way we like it.

Because we also keep an eye on our ecological footprint and ensure it doesn’t get any bigger. We thereby strive for as little environmental pollution as possible. And we are pretty proud of that fact.

We have tried to provide a clear impression of the options. If you have any questions, no problem. Our specialists are ready for a new challenge.