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Our solutions are applicable in various sectors. For years now, we have been furnishing dispatch and control rooms for sectors including process monitoring, public order, the defence industry, traffic centres, airports, etc.

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It starts with a plan

Whichever sector we work for: it all starts with an interior plan. We incorporate everything into it: your wish list and requirements, the technology to be applied, our recommendations … together we will shift the furniture around until everything meets your wishes. We not only take current circumstances into account, but also those in the future. After all, your new interior will last for over a decade. We don’t provide boring sketches, but instead supply a 360° video you can show your colleagues. Alternately, you can experience the new dispatch or control room in Virtual Reality!

Be inspired
Your sector

We make things worry free

We only really get going once the plan has been made. You can have the workstations completely altered to suit your wishes, expand them with the required accessories and select your monitors. We provide everything, hide all the cabling and provide you with a completely furnished dispatch or control room where your dispatchers and operators can start work immediately. From workstations to lighting and from acoustics to the computer floor.

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