Our 2D and 3D proposals not only meet your requirements, we go the extra mile by thinking with you and surprising you. With our tailor-made advice, we create a working environment that meets ergonomic standards. Moreover, the operator is optimally supported in his work and our products look great too.


The programme of requirements

To come up with the best solutions for furnishing the workplace, we ask for a programme of requirements prior to design. How many workstations should there be? What are the short- and long-term activities? How much interaction between colleagues should there be and what techniques will be used? Based on this information, we come up with an initial proposal.

2d and 3d proposals experience

The spatial experience

What will your workspace actually look like? What colour will the desk be? How many monitors will hang from the rails? After agreeing to our 2D proposal, we create a 3D representation for a spatial experience. So your colleagues can already experience their new workplace.

2D & 3D proposals
The 3D view helps your colleagues visualise the new working environment.

Your furnishing plan

Thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience in the field of 24/7 working environments, we know better than anyone else what a monitoring or control room has to meet. We think it goes without saying that you should be able to rely on our solutions at all times, but of course the eye wants something too. We also think along with the atmosphere of the room. Using our 3D proposal, you get a good idea of the colours, materials, seating and standing options. You can hardly wait for the proposal to become reality!