Our 2D and 3D proposals not only meet your wishes, we take an extra step by co-conceptualising and surprising. With our tailor-made advice, we create a work environment that meets ergonomic standards. Moreover, the operator receives optimum support for their activities, and our products look great too.


The programme of requirements

To arrive at the best solutions for structuring work environments, we ask for a programme of requirements in advance. How many workstations should there be? What are the short and long-term activities? How much interaction is there between colleagues and which technologies are utilised? We generate an initial proposal based on this information.

2d and 3d proposals experience

The spatial experience

What will your workplace actually look like? Which colour will the desk be? How many monitors will there be on the rails? After approval of our 2D proposal we will create a 3D illustration to give you the spatial experience. This allows your colleagues to experience their new workplace before it is built.

2D & 3D proposals
The 3D image helps your colleagues get an impression of their new work environment.

Your interior plan illustrated

Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience in the field of 24/7 work environments, we are more aware of the requirements for dispatch or control rooms than any other. It is natural to us that you should be able to trust our solutions at all times, but that aesthetics are also a factor. We also co-conceptualise with regard to the space’s atmosphere. Our 3D proposal provides you with a good impression of the colours, materials, the seated and standing options. You almost can’t wait for the proposal to become a reality!