We are CREON. In control where you and your colleagues need to be too. Specialised in designing and furnishing dispatch and control rooms. However, our company does much more which we would love to tell you about!

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We are in control. You can tell, not only by looking at our 24/7 workstations, but also by the way we work. We are creative. We listen. We are easy to work with. We adopt the role of architect and cooperate with the best project managers, facility managers and installers. Everything to give you the best control room or dispatch room.

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Corporate social responsibility. Something many companies claim to do, but we really do. We want to minimise our ecological footprint. We thereby strive to attain honest profits, cause as little environmental pollution as possible and interact with our staff, suppliers and clients in an honest, pleasant manner.

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Our winning team

Today our team includes 19 experts, each with their own expertise, skills and personality. Our fun but professional team realizes the finest, best and smartest solutions for dispatch and control rooms. For us, quality is number one. We are proud on our 24/7 solutions and on our team!

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Along with our partners and collaborations, we offer high-quality solutions for 24/7 work environments. Making smart use of each other’s knowledge and expertise, together we achieve the very best solutions.

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There are many aspects to furnishing a dispatch or control room. Interior plans, workstations, migration… this much will be apparent by now. Our specialists are pleased to ensure you get completely back in control.

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