Workstation lighting

Specially developed for monitor work

Lighting is just lights, right? No, definitely not. Especially not in a 24 -hour environment. After all, lighting has a major effect on the atmosphere of the space and your colleagues’ productivity. You also want to prevent annoying reflections on your monitors. This is why we stock special lighting.

Optimum lighting for your workstation

We use lighting that doesn’t reflect off your monitors. Lighting that doesn’t give you a headache. That stimulates alertness and focus. In the shape of pendant, free-standing and recessed fixtures alongside task lighting. We draw up a lighting plan on the basis of the interior plan. In it, we jointly determine which lighting is important in which locations. This means we are also in control down to the last detail, even when it comes to lighting.

Lighting biodynamic

Biodynamic lighting

Light not only affects your physical and mental condition as well as productivity, but also ensures our bodies generate hormones that make us sleepy or, conversely, active. Biodynamic lighting capitalises on this. Ideal for 24/7 rooms where work continues at night and into the early morning. This lighting changes in sync with day and night rhythms ensuring our biological clocks remain balanced. This means you stay awake during your night shift and have no trouble falling asleep afterwards.

A tailor-made lighting plan

You need a lot of light in some places and somewhat less in others.

Stimulates productivity

Lighting that flickers or is too bright causes headaches. By contrast, our lighting stimulates productivity.

Meet the applicable standards

In advance, we calculate whether the light output meets the applicable standards such as NEN-EN-12464-1.

Combats reflections

Our lighting was specially developed for monitor workstations.

Various lighting fixtures

Pendant, free-standing and recessed fixtures alongside task lighting … anything is possible.

Maintenance-free, LED technology

Your lighting always works and you never need to look at it again.

Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture heads can be turned and swivelled
Special reflector ensures a glare-free working environment
Lighting ergonomic
Easily adjustable workstation lighting
Ergonomic workstation lighting can be adjusted to suit individual wishes
Lighting completely
No-glare ceiling lights
Completely built in lighting fixtures provide homogenous lighting
Lighting low-strain
Pendel fixture featuring low-strain, indirect lighting
Elegant solution for high yield and low power consumption

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