Tailor-made interior plan

Being in control starts with a well-thought-out interior plan. This is where your wishes and requirements meet our recommendations. Our designers incorporate everything: workstations, lighting, monitors, meeting spaces and functions for your colleagues. This creates a clear impression: on paper, in 3D or, if so desired, in Virtual Reality.

Interior plan dispatch rooms

Interior plan for dispatch rooms

Is the dispatch room going to move, be expanded or have its layout changed? You’ve probably thought about how you want it furnished. You may even have made a sketch. Our designers convert your sketch into an interior plan which incorporates everything you need and more. We will show you alternatives you never would have thought of otherwise.

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Interior plan control rooms

Interior plan for control rooms

Sit down with our designers and discuss all your wishes and requirements. How many workstations do you want? Should there be a front desk or a meeting area? Is there a need for privacy or should there be space for interaction? We enjoy inspiring you with an interior plan in 3D as this provides a true impression of your control room of the future. No time for a meeting? We can do it online!

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Interior plan
Our interior plans come to life in 360° videos or in Virtual Reality. This puts you in your future dispatch or control room.

Your interior plan in focus

Your dispatch room is where the action takes place. Work goes on 24/7 and critical decisions are made there. The dispatch room’s atmosphere has to be right. After all, this is where you spend the majority of your shift. You can’t get a good impression from a boring old sketch, but you can in 3D. you can even experience your new dispatch room in a 360° video or Virtual Reality before it is built.

To arrive at such a visualisation we organise an interactive design session. Together we shift around and modify things until the interior plan meets your every wish.

In control from the first design

You know what your dispatchers need to be in control in the dispatch room. We incorporate this seamlessly into a tailor-made interior plan. With additional recommendations, surprising alternatives and endless options, we too are in control. From the first design to installation.

Sincere advice

Of course, you have already pondered an interior plan. You may have even made sketches. Good, that makes a great start! We provide advice that is actually valuable. Would we do it differently? If so, we provide practical examples. If the solution can be found elsewhere, then we will be the first to tell you that. Count on an intensive cooperation in which we are all in control.

Your interior plan in VR or 360° video

A dispatch room is not a still life. In fact, there are always people bustling about there. This is why just a sketch won’t do you much good. Naturally, the number of workstations, monitors, chairs and spaces should be right, but an interior plan goes much further. We enjoy helping you to experience the design instead of just looking at it. Stand in the middle of your future dispatch room using VR or inspire your colleagues with a 360° video.

Functionality and ergonomics

3D visualisations allow you to immediately grasp what your dispatch room is going to be like. You will see workstations everyone can work at be they large or small, tall or short. Ergonomic chairs, desks and monitors that stimulate an active posture. Biodynamic lighting that changes in sync with the rhythm of your shift. An optimum layout for all functions. In short, a dispatch room that meets all your requirements as well as being functionally and ergonomically responsible. Basically: a great place to work.

Are you ready to seriously tackle things? Curious about the optimum furnishing of your dispatch room? Or do you simply have questions? We enjoy engaging with you. Take control. Together with CREON.