Meldkamerplein: information-driven action in multidisciplinary environment

In the rapidly evolving world of control rooms and information hubs, data has become the driving force behind decision making. Information-driven operations, leveraging data from various sources, sensors and systems to effectively respond to alerts or incidents, is now of vital importance. Sharing this data between organizations and information hubs is critical to addressing overarching issues.

AI potential

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the abundance of available data, new opportunities for collaboration are emerging. This puts the move to a control room/information hub that proactively responds to information within reach.

But how do you achieve a sustainable and integrated solution? How should governance be set up? And where do you start?

On February 8, Meldkamerplein is organizing an informative knowledge session dedicated to the theme “Information-Driven Action in a Multidisciplinary Environment.

Speakers from the field

During the knowledge sessions, four featured speakers will share their knowledge and vision in their areas of expertise:

Roderick van ’t Hoog - Director Q Intelligence BV

“From overview to foresight; Understanding how intelligence enables anticipation or prediction of future situations.”

Sander Koot - Innovation National Politice

“How do to build a common picture if nothing is there yet? And how to build a common picture when interests, technology and controls diverge?”

Elvin Dechesne - Ordina

“Without semantics, you can’t combine data, not to mention information-driven action.”

Ronald Bommerson - Principle consultant TriOpSys

“Is information-driven work difficult? Where do you start and what does it take?”

Participate in the knowledge sessions

Would you like to participate in Meldkamerplein’s knowledge session? Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights, understand challenges and develop a shared vision for the future of information-driven operations in a multidisciplinary environment. For more information or to register, visit Meldkamerplein.