Anniversary party '25 Years of Magic'

At first glance, Friday October 6th seems like an ordinary working day. But if you look closer, you will see tidy workplaces at CREON. The workshop behind the office is empty. In a corner of the mail hall the work tables are stacked up against each other. In the showroom, people are working hard to provide all the computer screens with the right content. Everything looks spick and span, because CREON’s anniversary party is about to start at any moment!

25 Years of control room experts

‘25 Years of Magic’ is the theme of CREON’s anniversary party. For a quarter of a century, we have been providing control rooms solutions. We are incredibly proud of that. Because over the past 25 years, we have gained the necessary knowledge and experience, allowing us to call ourselves experts in the field of control room design. Or at least, if our customers and partners are to be believed…

Ready? Set...

Thus, enough reason for a party! A magical day, as we have unpacked: a black carpet has been rolled out, the anniversary flags have been hoisted into the pylons, the showroom has been given a makeover, the workshop has been transformed into a party room and the clean desk policy has never been taken so literally. Before the doors are opened, the CREON team enjoys a collective lunch and glasses are raised to the anniversary. It is not the first toast this year, but nobody objects to that.

The doors are opened

Up to 250 guests comprising family, friends and business contacts are welcomed to celebrate with the CREON team. During the day’s programme, guests are shown around the company building. A magician walks around to entertain the guests and the children have a great time on the bouncing castle. In the evening, tasty snacks are served from the food truck that is set up in the festive hall. Bags of fries are handed out at the French fries bike. And a barman is shaking delicious cocktails. Gradually, the volume of the music increases and the DJ completes the party. People dance, cheer and sing along at the top of their voices until the late hours. Wow, we enjoyed it so much!

We thank all guests for their presence and contribution to the enchanting evening. You made this milestone even more special!