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  • 25-01-2022

Healthy workstation lighting according to the latest standards

Are you conscious of the importance of the right lighting in and around your workstation? Having a professional lighting plan drawn up is a must for 24/7 work environments. After all, the right lighting benefits employee health, energy levels and productivity. Human bodies respond to the variation in the colour and intensity of light across the day. This influences various bodily cycles including body temperature and the sleep-wake rhythm.

NEN-EN 12464-1 standard for workplace lighting

Since 2003, the European Union (EU) member states have set a communal standard for workplace lighting. A professional lighting plan must meet these requirements. The standard provides clarity and contributes to a pleasant working environment. The standard has also been included in legislation concerning lighting. In August 2021, the indoor workplace lighting standard was updated. The EN 12464-1 standard has to be nationally implemented by February 2022, at the latest.

How to ensure good workstation lighting

Of course it is good that the EU has examined and improved the standard, but what does this entail for your work environment? The new standard’s main change lies in recognising the psychological and physiological effects of lighting. Good lighting has a positive effect on concentration, reduces the sensation of fatigue and improves the functionality and comfort of the workstation. This can be achieved by using direct-indirect lighting of over 1,000 lux. This is well over double the brightness stipulated before. In comparison: on a cloudy afternoon, daylight can easily reach 10,000 lux.

To prevent mirroring and reflections due to the higher brightness at your workstation we recommend direct-indirect light fixtures. The underside of these lighting fixture shines light directly onto your desk. However, the majority of the light shines through the top of the fixture, against the ceiling, reflecting the light back onto your desk indirectly. This limits the glare rating, shadows and reflections to a minimum.

The new lighting standard also determines that the work environment no longer needs to be fully and evenly lit. Modular lighting provides the solution for providing individual workstations with direct-indirect light at certain points in time, catering to the layout, functionality and occupation levels in the work environment. The trend in lighting at the moment is biodynamic lighting (Human Centric Lighting). This emulates the natural, daily light cycle and can provide added value in 24/7 work environments.

Do you need advice on workstation lighting?

Do you want to find the best lighting solution for your workstations, that meets the latest European standards? If so, contact CREON for an obligation-free lighting study or advice.

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