Work placement at CREON: a win-win situation

CREON introduces young talent to the business world. Our team is frequently joined by 1 or 2 interns from different fiels of study. The students not only learn fom us, but we can also learn from them! It’s a win-win situation… At the end of february we said goodbye to Kevin van der Westen, a student in Industrial Product Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Recently we spoke with Kevin and asked him how his work placement went.


Getting in touch with CREON

During the third year of his studies, Kevin had to do a six month work placement to observe and learn about the daily operations of a company. He also had to carry out tasks that matched his studies. Kevin received a list of possible learning companies from his school, and CREON was among them. “I made a selection of interesting companies and tarted calling them.”

"It's a good thing the work placement did not turn out the way I expected."
Kevin van der Westen

Through trial and error

Since this was Kevin’s first internship, he had no idea what it would entail exactly. He had no expectations on beforehand. Once he started working at CREON he quickly got a very different perception of the business world. “I’ve had a few setbacks from which I’ve learned a lot. I can avoid these setbacks the next time. So it’s a good thing the work placement did not turn out the way I expected.” In a short time Kevin had learned a lot at CREON. Especially how the business community interacts and communicates. Kevin worked on several projects. He learned what aspects are involved in a project and how he could bring the project to a good execution. In addition, Kevin learned about the possibilities of Solidworks, a program that allows you to create a 3D image of parts and products. But the best part of the internship was the variety: working on various projects and working with different colleagues. “This always gives me more motivation and new insights.”

A great expierence

Kevin brought a lot of positive energy with his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, challenging and motivating his colleagues. “I think there is a nice atmosphere. There are only people working at CREON who have your best interests at heart and always help you when you need them. CREON is a great place to learn, and I’ve made a lot of progress in various fields.”

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