• Behind the scenes
  • 14-01-2022

"I love it when a plan comes together"

Did you know that CREON does not only make beautiful products, but we are also a very nice company to work for? The peolpe working at CREON share their enthusiasm and enjoy telling you about their work. We kick off the year with Ralf Bogaerts, CREON’s managing director: “We have the greatest team to create the greatest 24/7 working environments for the greatest customers”.

The winning team

Ralf has been working for CREON for exactly six years. At first as a manager, then as a managing director and now as the managing director/owner. “Realising ambitious goals gives me energy. “I love it when a plan comes together”, the leader of the A-team would say. Together with Kristel van Gompel and Steve Beeckmans, he is responsible for the commercial tasks. They ensure that customer questions are translated into the ideal 24/7 working enviroment and solutions. Together with the MT team, Ralf determines the direction, vision and strategy to achieve the goals for CREON. In addition, he has the important role of facilitating the organisation, so that each employee can do his job optimally and to make the desired contribution to the company goals. “The most important condition is that the work is done with a smile. People should enjoy coming to work and returning home with even more energy than they brought to CREON.”


"The most important condition is that the work is done with a smile"
Ralf Bogaerts
Managing director at CREON

In perfect balance

But what is it that makes the work so much fun? Ralf gets a kick out of helping the customer, achieving (ambitious) goals, working with an increadible team, but above all, he enjoys the commitment and independence of the employees. “Everyone is brimming with energy to do what is expected of them. And it always succeeds!”

CREON is a relative small company but realising big dreams. It has found the right balance between a perfect product, realising the most beautiful work environments and having the finest team to do this with. ‘Job satisfaction’ comes first. And job satisfaction, that is what Ralf certainly has: “When I enter CREON, I’m boucing with positive energy to my workplace. Ready to spend another day fulfilling my dreams!”