• Behind the scenes

Dreamwork makes the team work

“To conquer the role of market leader in Belgium in the near future” was the promise Steve Beeckmans made when he joined CREON as a sales professional in early April. CREON has been targeting the Belgium market for some years now and has implemented several projects there as well. With Steve’s arrival, CREON expects to realize even more suitable solutions in Belgium and Luxembourg for 24/7 workplaces. No pressure, Steve…

Setting up 24/7 work environments

From 24-hour chairs to 24-hour workstations: Steve was already familiar with the industry. For 13 years he worked at BMA/Flokk where he was responsible for developing and marketing 24-hour chairs. After a phone call from Ralf Bogaerts (director of CREON), Steve decided to join CREON. “I already knew CREON from my time at BMA, where I had worked with CREON many times before,” Steve says. “I always thought it was a fun, dynamic company where fun things are being realized.”

Cooking and control room specialist

In his spare time, Steve enjoys being in the kitchen or behind the barbecue. “I’m a little hobby cook, so cooking and especially barbecuing is something I love to do.” If that leaves time, he likes to take a ride on his motorcycle.

An ever-enthusiastic sales professional, Steve gets energy from projects that are brought to fruition as a team. He also enjoys brainstorming, coming up with a concept and finally getting it sold to a client. His motto is: ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’.

Steve is incredibly excited about his move to CREON. “I’m going to make sure the control room world in Belgium and Luxembourg knows where CREON can help them, so they can do their jobs in a beautiful and ergonomic control room.”