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  • 22-12-2022

Join the Meldkamerplein event for hospital solutions

The fast development and changing regulations in the field of digitalisation, online monitoring and privacy and security measures pose major challenges for the medical world. During this event, we advise, inform and think along with stakeholders who are involved in the set-up and/or activities to be performed in hospital control rooms. Expert platform Meldkamerplein aims to share knowledge on control room issues. By bringing stakeholders together, new insights, developments, innovations and improvement plans are created.

To come up with the best solutions, Meldkamerplein frequently organises events on relevant topics. Meldkamerplein is a collaboration of eight leading Dutch companies operating in the world of control rooms. Since 2017, they have joined a unique partnership as a knowledge partner for issues affecting control rooms, traffic centres, control rooms, et cetera. Each party has at least one area of knowledge within control rooms. Thanks to the shared knowledge, the participating companies can provide better advice to their clients or – for questions outside their area of expertise – call in the right people.