• Control room interior
  • 25-01-2022

Your work environment visualised

Look around you: you are standing in your new work environment. There are three monitors above the desk. No, make that one big monitor. You are still in two minds about the work surface’s colour. You point the controller at the work surface and the colour changes. This is the advantage of VR presentations: everything can be modified to suit your wishes. Only when you are entirely satisfied will we start production.

Is your control room in control?

Ergonomics are essential when structuring a dispatch or control room. We also have to take doors, windows, walking routes, production processes, monitor configurations as well as the client’s wishes and requirements, which can differ per company or institution, into account. And last, but certainly not least, we also must factor in the people who work in the space.
The operator in the control room has to be able to view multiple monitors to be able to act immediately in critical situations. Not only should the operator be able to see the screens while either seated or standing at their desk, the videowall behind monitors should also be easy to see at all times. Interaction with colleagues is very important, alongside a good view of the information on screen. The monitors’ height (and distance to the operator) can be individually adjusted at the press of a button to accommodate for the differences in height between people. We determine the lines of sight and ensure these align with the ergonomic requirements.

Innovative presentation tools

In the end, we want to give the client the clearest possible impression of our design proposal to ensure they encounter no surprises after installation is completed. It isn’t always easy to imagine the final results in advance. 3D visuals are created on the basis of the technical drawings. These provide a nice impression of the space. You can see the colours and the layout of the workstations. However, the image is static because the perspectives are pre-determined. That is why we take it one step further to provide you with an even better impression.

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the innovative presentation tools CREON uses to help clients take important decisions concerning the layout of their new dispatch or control room. A work environment that has to last at least a decade, if not longer. That is why we enjoy dropping by with our VR glasses to present our proposal. During the VR presentation we can take stills from the various perspectives, which we can email to you afterwards. You can then show these around internally, helping to create acceptance of the new or refurbished work environment among end users.

Interactive video presentation

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic sometimes made it impossible to physically visit clients so we challenged ourselves to find a good alternative. We have selected 360° Viewpoint. This interactive video presentation of your work environment can be watched on YouTube using a variety of devices including computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Clicking the mouse, swiping with your fingers or turning the screen enables you to look around the environment and move to pre-determined locations in that space. The 360° Viewpoint presentation is easy to share with the entire project team, which greatly increases support. We promise you the end result will be exactly in line with your wishes and requirements. Because CREON is in control.

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