Axia FOCUS 24/7

The right seating solution for observation and more intensive monitor work

An endlessly adjustable office chair is indispensable in a 24/7 work environment. A number of different members of staff use it every day. Moreover, every user has their own seating preferences. If your work consists of observation (security and control) or more intensive monitor work, the Axia FOCUS 24/7 is the right chair for the job as it is quick and easy to adjust to suit your wishes. This chair is perfect for your work environment as it exudes robustness and elegance.

24/7 office chair Axia Focus24 control room

Both feet on the ground

If your work consists of both observing (security and control) and more intensive monitor work, the FOCUS 24/7 is the ideal chair for you. It is primarily found in police, ambulance, fire brigade, security and (air-) traffic control dispatch rooms. Our chairs are easy to adjust to suit the wishes of individual users. For instance, they take height and bodyweight as well as changing work postures into account. After all, a good chair ensures an optimum work posture whereby the feet always touch the floor.

24/7 office chair Axia Focus24 3 sides

Head to toe support

The Axia FOCUS 24/7’s headrest is both height and angle adjustable ensuring minimal neck strain. The movable central element of the backrest provides support to your back during dynamic work postures. This constantly provides the right support. The adjustable pelvic support also provides lower back/lumbar support. There is a choice of different armrests to support your arms. The chair is equipped with a large, star-shaped base for optimum stability and it can bear loads of up to 200 kg. The star-shaped base has large caster wheels and you can choose between hard wheels for soft floors or soft wheels for hard floors.

Hygienic headrest cover

Every chair can optionally be supplied with a removable, washable cover.

Variety of armrests

Opt for one of the various height-adjustable or fold-down armrests.


Opt for a washable cover to protect the upholstery on the backrest and seat.

Optional weapon cut out

The cut outs on both sides of the armrest enable users carrying a holster or nightstick to sit more comfortably.

Modular design

Axia Focus 24/7 can be very flexibly and modularly adjusted to suit user wishes and requirements.

Standards and certificates

EN 1335 (dimensioning, strength and safety), NPR 1813 (dimensioning and adjustability), BS 5459 (durability/load).

24/7 office chair Axia Focus24 adjustable back
Dynamic sitting
The backrest automatically adjusts to every user thanks to the backrest’s central pad.
24/7 office chair Axia Focus24 head rest
Headrest angle
Height and angle adjustable headrest for minimal neck strain.
24/7 office chair Axia Focus24 lower back
Fabric or leather
All fabrics and leathers are high quality and meet the most stringent environmental requirements.