Axia SECUR24

The right solution for observation, security and CCTV operations

Comfortable office chairs that provide the optimum seating position are an indispensable part of dispatch and control rooms. On average, 24/7 chairs are used four times as intensively as ‘ordinary’ office chairs. Axia Secur24 was inspired by comfortable, car industry chairs and offers support at all times whilst working. This is why our chairs come with an extra rugged, robust mechanism and a large star base because they have to be available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However often you adjust them and however long you sit on them doesn’t affect quality.

24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 control room

Comfortable and focused on work

The rugged construction, the high level of comfort and the Axia Secur24’s robust appearance, make this chair very suitable for observation and security workstations. This 24-7 chair is ideal for staff who spend long periods in their chairs performing monitor or combined tasks such as door staff, bridge and lock operators as well as security staff at penal institutions. Control room operators in the oil, chemical and process industries also prefer this 24/7 chair.

24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 adjustable

Specially developed for 24/7 working environments

Sustainable and comfortable are key words when it comes to best describing the Axia Secur24. This 24-hour chair provides optimum comfort (dynamic sitting) in any seating posture irrespective of the intensity of your activities. The extra thick, ergonomic seat and backrest provide the right support all day long. The chair can be adjusted to your bodyweight. The quick adjustability for both right and left-handed people makes the Axia Secur24 the perfect seating solution for observation, security and CCTV operators.

24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 material

The sustainability label

The Axia Secur24’s exceptionally durable upholstery is dirt resistant and easy to clean. To our minds, hygiene is a crucial element of our workstations. The chair can easily be adjusted or expanded to suit your wishes thanks to its modular design. This does not negatively impact the Axia Secur24’s robustness in any way. It’s maximum load is 234 kg! In other words this chair can handle a few knocks.

Hygienic headrest cover

Every chair can optionally be supplied with a removable, washable cover.

Variety of armrests

Opt for one of the various height-adjustable or fold-down armrests.

Mechanism with gimbal extender

Opt for a forward-placed handle for setting the counter pressure when dynamic sitting.

Optional weapon cut out

The cut outs on either side of the armrest enable users carrying a holster or nightstick to sit more comfortably.

Modular design

The Axia Secur24 can be very flexibly and modularly adjusted to user wishes and requirements.

Standards and certificates

BS 5459/2 (durability/load), GS (safety), EN 1335 (dimensioning, strength and safety), ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 headrest
Height adjustable headrest
Or opt for the Exclusive headrest that also adjusts back and forth.
24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 dynamic backrest
Dynamic backrest
Provides pelvic support in every posture.
24/7 office chair Axia Secur24 armrest
Fold down and/or height adjustable armrests
Optimum support for your arms during intensive activities.