For a tailor-made workstation. Down to the last detail.

Just a desk and monitors are not enough. Every dispatch room or control room needs its own accessories. Need to capture attention? Opt for signal lighting. Need power or data facilities at your workstation? Then we will install a fold-up module. And we have lots more accessories to complement your workstation.

Accessoires facilities

Special facilities

24/7 dispatch or control rooms often need special facilities. Think of, for instance, data connections, alarm signalling, emergency stop buttons … Whatever you require to complement your workstations, CREON can create it. We immediately incorporate all the accessories into the interior plan and the development of the workstations.

Accessoires workstation

Modify your workstation to suit your wishes

Our workstations were specially developed as 24/7 workstations. However, because every dispatch or control room is different, they can be entirely modified to suit your wishes. Perhaps you have some ideas of your own, otherwise we enjoy making recommendations. For instance, you can also equip the workstation you have selected with all the necessary accessories to create an optimum workstation for everyone.

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Alarm ring signal lighting

Capture people’s attention in the work surface with a bright LED ring that can light up in 7 colours.

Signal column

Who is busy and who is available? The handy signal column enables you to ascertain availability at a glance.

Keyboard soundbar

With a soundbar nearby, the volume doesn’t need to be high which minimises nuisance to your colleagues.

Induction charger

Opt for an induction charger for the wireless charging of Qi-compatible devices.

Integrated panel for buttons

Have a panel for buttons built into the work surface.

Data connections in the work surface

USB, 230VVAC or RJ45 connectors integrated into your work surface means everything is close to hand.

Accessoires monitor rail
Signal lighting in the monitor rail
Available in red, blue or white
Accessoires screen back
Flexible monitor articulated arm
For improved productivity and the right work posture
Accessoires signal columns
Signal columns
Equipable with a multicoloured light and/or 'do not disturb' light
Accessoires induction charger
Induction charger
Wireless charger for Qi compatible devices

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