Assembly and installation

CREON is in control with its team of technicians. All of whom have an eye for detail, a conception of finishing, a nose for quality as well as being consummate professionals.

Assembly and installation checks

Extensive quality checks

Before installing your new dispatch room, we assemble the products at our own workshop. We conduct stringent quality checks. Then we test all the systems. Upon request, we can even conduct a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). Only when everything works according to plan will we ready the products for installation in your new workplace.

Assembly and installation preparation

Thorough preparation saves time

Our technicians will adhere to all your access requirements and the guidelines in place. We don’t like surprises when installing our products in dispatch rooms. This is why we used a standardised protocol for moving in. We arrive at your location properly prepared so we can efficiently complete the installation in line with our agreements.

Assembly & Installation
We are only satisfied if everything works the way it should and has been installed in line with our agreements.

The finishing touch

After installing the workstations, our technicians will conduct an internal delivery check. They will test all the functionalities of the products. If so desired, delivery can take place as an SAT (Site Acceptance Test). After transfer to the client, we will tidy up the workplace. Our technicians take all the packaging materials with them and wipe down your new workstations.