VR presentations make you feel like you are actually in the new work environment. What are the lines of sight like? Can you see the videowall properly from the workstation? Do you have a view of activities taking place outside the workplace? Walk around the space and experience the new workstations.

VR presentations experience

Experience our proposal in Virtual Reality

Put the VR glasses on, grab the joystick and look around. Have a seat at one of the desks. Is there sufficient arm room? Take a walk through the space. How easy is contact with people at other workstations? Our walk-through allows you to experience our proposal in a unique way. Is everything the way you want it?

VR presentations wishes

Modifiable to suit your wishes

Would you prefer a different colour work surface? Do you have doubts about the monitor configuration and the number of monitors? A single click is all it takes to modify the environment and then show you the results. We can even take stills from the VR for you to share with your colleagues.

VR Presentations
No unpleasant surprises because we immediately modify the VR work environment to suit your wishes.

A unique form of presentation

When structuring a critical work environment, the space, lines of sight, technology on and around the desk as well as the operators’ wishes need to be taken into account. Virtual reality allows you to experience our proposal in 3D. Does the design meet all your wishes and requirements? If not, we will modify it until it does.