Perfect lighting and muffled environmental noises are of crucial importance in a 24/7 critical work environment. The right solutions have a positive effect on focus and energy levels. This is how we ensure you stay in control all day long.

ighting and acoustics

We have seen the light

A good workstation is never optimal without the right lighting solution. Opt for desk and ambient lighting that you can control. Or opt for biodynamic lighting which provides lighting synced to the day and night rhythm. Our lighting plan provides a calculation of the ideal lighting level and the number and type of light sources to be employed.

Lighting and acoustics solution

Listening for acoustics

Ambient noise generated by your colleagues should never interfere with your work. Acoustic solutions at the desk reduce noise. Furthermore, we provide solutions including room dividers, art, acoustic ceilings and walls. We arrive at the best solution in collaboration with an acoustics expert.

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Lighting & acoustics
Biodynamic lighting keeps your energy levels up, both night and day.

Fully focused on your work

You monitor the process, keep an eye on everything and act when it matters. The calm, indirect lighting means there is no annoying glare on your monitor. Do you need more light? Then you can adjust lighting levels on and around your workstation. You can’t be distracted by your colleagues consulting one workstation over as the acoustic panels on your desk muffle the sound. Day or night: you are in control in the control room.