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Perfect lighting is essential in a critical working environment manned 24/7. Focus and energy levels are positively affected by the right solutions. A customised lighting plan ensures that your work environment becomes the ideal place to work. A lighting plan not only contributes to the atmosphere in a workspace, it also ensures that employees can perform better in the workplace. So we make sure you stay in control throughout the working day.


Experts in creating
a lighting plan

At CREON, we have extensive experience and expertise in creating lighting plans specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. We have helped clients with a control room, office space or other professional settings with a customised lighting plan. We understand that every workspace is unique and therefore create a customised advice. From choosing the right lamps and luminaires to determining the best placement, with us you are guaranteed a solution that works.

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We have seen the light

A good workplace without the right lighting solution is never optimal. Opt for desk and ambient lighting that you can adjust entirely as you wish. Or go for biodynamic lighting, whose light colour changes with day and night. In our lighting plan, we calculate the ideal lighting level and the number and type of lighting sources.

In control from first draft

You monitor the process, keep an eye on everything and take action when it matters. Thanks to the calm, indirect lighting, you are not bothered by annoying reflections on your screens. Need more light? Just adjust the light level in and around your workplace. We believe that having control starts with the initial design. That is why we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and needs. We provide a realistic overview of what the end result will look like. That way, you know what to expect from the start. Our goal is to make you feel in control throughout the entire process, from initial design to final installation.

The right type of lighting is not only important for the atmosphere in a workspace. It also contributes to employee performance. The major impact of a lighting plan has led us to offer solutions of the highest quality.

Tailored lighting plan
Indirect lighting contributes to a relaxed and productive working environment.

Indirect licht verspreiden

Lighting a larger area? Then indirect light is a lot more effective than direct light. This functional lighting does not shine directly on workstations, but is reflected via other surfaces such as walls and ceilings. This creates a diffused and soft light in the room. Indirect light reduces the glare and shadows often associated with direct lighting, which is especially beneficial when working with computer screens.

The reduced glare and soft shadows reduce eye strain, resulting in less eye fatigue. Indirect light also provides even light distribution, minimising dark or overexposed areas in the room. This makes for a more pleasant workspace as there are no sudden light transitions. 24-hour workplaces in particular benefit from this proper lighting. From an aesthetic point of view, this kind of lighting gives a room a warmer and calmer atmosphere.

How do we proceed

Our approach is thorough and thoughtful. We always start with an analysis of the space. Then we start designing the lighting plan. Once the design is approved, production and assembly follow. We make sure that every lamp, socket and dimmer is perfectly placed for an optimal result. You can read more about these steps below.

Analysing the room

Before we start on a lighting plan, it is important to analyse the space thoroughly. At CREON, every project starts with a detailed inspection of the area in question. We look at the dimensions, layout, position of windows and other light sources, and the specific functions of each area. By understanding the space, we identify where lighting adds tremendous value and where a specific type of lighting such as basic, accent, task, biodynamic or indirect lighting is best used. This careful approach ensures that we create a lighting plan that is both functionally and aesthetically optimal for the space in question.

Creation of the lighting design

After thorough analysis of the room, our team of experts gets to work on creating a lighting design. Tips for a lighting plan are implemented to ensure the lighting matches the functions of the room. Dimmable spotlights that highlight specific areas or lamps that provide even light, each light source and lamp is carefully chosen to meet the needs of the room and its users. The result? A realistic view of how the room will look when fully lit.

Manufacturing and assembly

After approval of the lighting design, we start the production phase. Here, all required light sources and lamps are carefully implemented according to the design specifications. Quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why we use only the best materials and techniques to ensure that each component meets our high standards. Once everything is ready, assembly is carried out by our team of professionals. They ensure that each lighting element is placed exactly as described in the lighting design. Everything is carried out with precision and care to bring the vision of the lighting design to life. Want to know more about lighting plans and our associated solutions? Get in touch with us.

Solution 2D and 3D

Your plan in pictures

To paint a realistic picture, we use detailed 2D and 3D representations. These representations not only give a clear picture of where the lighting elements are located, but also of how the furniture, decoration and other important aspects of the interior relate to each other. These visual aids are a crucial step in the process, giving clients a clear picture of the final result and suggesting any adjustments before the actual fitting begins.

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Looking for expert lighting advice? Have a lighting plan made

At CREON, we pride ourselves on our expertise and we love sharing this knowledge with our clients. Do you have questions about the different types of lighting, want advice on the best arrangement for your space or want to know more about the latest trends in lighting design? We offer expert advice and guidance every step of the way, so you can be sure to make the best choice for your project. Do you want to create a lighting plan? Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!

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