Control room

Are you in control in your control room? CREON enjoys helping you move forward. We have been designing functional control rooms and furnishing them with tailor-made workstations, videowalls and more, for years now.

A properly furnished control room starts with a plan

We start furnishing your new control room by drawing up a plan that incorporates everything: workstations, accessories, videowalls, meeting rooms… all your wishes and requirements. And it won’t be a boring old-fashioned sketch. We will organise an interactive design session during which we will work live in our 3D modelling software. The final design will be converted into a 360° video or a VR visualisation so you can truly experience the new control room.

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The right control room desk

Which requirements should a control room desk meet? It should enable 24/7 working. It should provide sufficient room for all monitors and be durable. A control room desk should be easily adjustable so every colleague can work at it in comfort. With all the technology hidden away and no visible cables. Our workstations feature all of the above.

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Control room
A future-proof control room?
We will create the control room of the future for you!

Control room of the future

You and your colleagues are in control in our control rooms. Not just today, but also in the future. To this end, we not only examine what you need now, but also what you might need in the future. So we take possible expansions, new technologies and computerisation into account. Right from the very first design, we are working on the control room of the future.

We are CREON: the control room specialist

If you want to remodel, move or renovate your control room, you need a specialist. A company you can trust and rely on, whom you can undergo the process with. That is why you should opt for CREON. We take every worry off your mind. We incorporate your wishes and requirements into an interior plan, adding our recommendations as well as unique options. That really means everything. From tailor-made workstations to decorative elements and atmosphere, and from cable management to lighting. We will furnish your control room so you can get years more out of it.

Migration to your new control room

When we say we take every worry off your hands, we mean it. We know that process monitoring never ceases and that you not only need an interior plan, but also a migration plan. We always ensure work can continue, 24/7. Even if we are working on the new control room. This means your process can continue while we limit nuisance to a minimum. This way, your company never has to stop.

Easy to work with

We are easy to work with. You notice that in everything. We are in control from A to Z thanks to our role as architects. We incorporate every detail into the interior plan. Last-minute modifications? Not a problem; we can meet online to harmonise everything. Do you want to involve your colleagues in the process? We will generate a 360° video you can share with everyone. We will subsequently ensure a seamless migration. Once you have started work in your new control room, we also provide maintenance and service. We are a mere phone call away.

With an eye on the future

We like to keep an eye on the future. For instance, we always develop a control room of the future, that will last for years and can be expanded. But we also keep a different eye on the future. For example, we try to further minimise our ecological footprint, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy the planet. Corporate social responsibility is no mere sales pitch to us, but a mission and vision. We work with sustainable, durable materials that are easy to recycle and cause little environmental damage.

Are you about to move, remodel or renovate your control room? If so, why not bring in the specialists. CREON is at your service, with years of experience and specialists who know exactly what you need.