24/7 office chairs

The right seating solution for the right workstation

Dispatch and control rooms require chairs that can be used 24/7. This is why our 24-hour chairs are fitted with extra-heavy and robust mechanics for maximum load. No matter how often they are adjusted and how long you sit on them, it doesn’t detract from their quality. The 24-hour chair is used intensively, as someone else sits on it every shift. That is why the office chairs are easily adjustable. So everyone can work on them comfortably all day long.

24/7 office chairs comfortably

24-hour office chairs for optimum focus

Staying alert, focused and comfortable. That is what a 24-hour office chair is made for. Ideal for intensive activities in, for excample, security and surveillance. Because there you need a chair that won’t let you slouch, but encourages you to always adopt the right sitting position. Not a normal office chair, but a 24-hour seat whose back automatically fits every user. Of course, the chair has beautiful, extremely strong, dirt-repellent and wear-resistant upholstery.

24/7 office chairs room

The right 24/7 office chair for your dispatch room

Do you need a 24-hour office chair specially made for a combination of screen work and observation? Or rather a seat so flexible that anyone can sit on it? Do you need a chair with a headrest? Or a chair that can handle extra-heavy loads? Whatever 24/7 office chair you are looking for, CREON has it. There are more options than you can imagine!